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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  December 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. a deadly fire leaves two families and a college campus devastated. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. the fire early friday morning trapped frostburg state university students alyssa salazar and evan kullberg in their apartment. tonight family and friends gathered on campus to remember the young man and woman and share their grief. evan's sister talked about seeing the pair on thanksgiving. >> and they looked, you know, happy and silly and just like how he they always are. we're going to miss evan -- how they always are. we're going to miss evan so much. we loved him very much and we also loved alyssa, too and evan loved being here and he loved all of you. >> the fraternity and sorority that the victims belonged to now are planning to hold a fire
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safety program in frostburg. the edge on the district where police believe they've caught one of the attackers who has been targeting people on capitol hill and he's 16 years old. police aren't saying much about him because, of course, he is a jr. the teen is accused of a beating -- a juvenile. the teen is accused of a beating that happened last week in the 1600 block of pennsylvania avenue last week. the victim's jaw is wired shut for six weeks after she received a broken jaw. even with police on patrol officials still want you to know you have to be part of the solution to take place. >> assaults, robberies, burglaries are happening around us all the time. those will never go to zero, but if people are cognizant of what's going on around them, they can help prevent them from occurring. >> there were three other people involved in last sunday's attack. police right now don't believe all the attacks in the neighborhood are connected, so more arrests could come. to virginia now where a car
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flipped over and crashed into a tree on north van buren in alexandria. not far from there a pedestrian was grazed by a car on i-95. the victim's injuries are nonlife threatening. as the investing into the prince george's county county corruption probe continues the wife of county executive jack johnson is getting ready to be sworn in tomorrow as a county council member. some people have urged leslie johnson to step aside. so far there's no indication she plans to do so. federal agents arrested the johnsons last month after raiding their home and offices in a corruption investigation related to land and housing deals. incoming county executive rushern baker is also set to take his seat tomorrow. a number of events are being held to welcome him into office. the theme of baker's inauguration is on the path to greatness. fox 5 will be in prince george's county tomorrow for the event. a logjam continues on capitol hill. both democrats and republicans trying to come to an agreement
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on several key issues before the holiday and the inauguration of the 111th congress. one of the biggest issues is taxes. fox 5's sarah simmons now with whether either side is willing to budge. >> reporter: a rare saturday session for the senate where it voted down two measures that would have extended the tax cuts for most americans, but not for those with higher incomes. the president saying he was very disappointed. >> i continue to believe that it makes no sense to hold tax cuts for the middle crass hostage to permanent tax -- middle class hostage to permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, especially when those highest tax cuts would cost another $700 billion that we don't have. >> reporter: on the sunday tax cuts the senate republican leader had this assessment. >> i think it's clear now taxes are not going up on anybody in the middle of this recession. we're discussing how long we should maintain current tax rates. >> reporter: then there's the
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issue of extending unemployment benefits which the president will not back down on warning republicans if benefits aren't extended, they can forget a compromise on the tax cuts. >> i think we will extend unemployment compensation. we've had some very vigorous debates in the senate not about whether to do it, but whether to pay for it as opposed to adding it to the deficit. >> reporter: in the meantime the president's budget deficit commission failed to come to an agreement how to cut the deficit, although some say there was positive movement. other believe the plan doesn't do enough. -- others believe the plan doesn't do enough. >> i would prefer to go in further in depths in reduction in this package. i think we need more than is provided for in this package, but there's certainly a strong beginning. >> although this plan of the commission does many great things with respect to trying to flatten the tax code, save social security for the next couple generations, its fatal flaw is its failure to deal
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with the single largest driver of fiscal insanity and that is our healthcare program. >> reporter: meanwhile congress homes to adjourn on december 18th in time for the holiday -- hopes to adjourn on december 18th time for the holidays. what issues will be settled in the next few weeks remains to be seen. in washington sarah simmons, fox 5 news. well, a very cold blustery day today and temperatures continue to be well on the low side. here we are right now, 28 degrees at gaithersburg, 32 at national airport, 29 at dulles and 30 degrees at martinsburg and we've got strong winds as well. we've had them all day long. right now winds are gusting at 26 miles per hour at national airport, 30 at dulles and with those winds and the temperatures we're seeing wind chills. so it feels like it's only 17 degrees in hagerstown, 16 at dulles and 21 degrees at national airport. wind advisory for the far west gusting from 45 miles per hour plus, that in effect until 6
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a.m. tomorrow morning and there's also a winter weather warning for the west as well. that's where we're seeing all this snow that is starting to accumulate here from that clipper system we dealt with over the course of yesterday. it's moved up the coast. behind it it's left a fair amount of snowfall that will continue to snow from now until tuesday over parts of the west. so we have a winter storm warning as far as allegheny, pendleton, highland and mineral and grant county is concerned until tuesday at 7 a.m. 12 to 18 inches of snowfall is expected and then there's an advisory 6 to 10 inches for the west virginia and virginia mountains as well as along the appalachians. this is an area where we're also seeing strong winds. so they're getting blowing and drifting snow through here as well so, conditions are extremely poor. accumulating snowfall west, otherwise talking about windy cold conditions for us, that cold air staying right in place across the mid-atlantic actually reaching down to the south as far as florida. we are going to see the
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temperatures remain well below seasonal into the course of the entire week i should same we aren't going to warm up at all. -- say. we aren't going to warm up at all. we've got dry conditions through friday, fair amount of sunshine, but we can't get out of this bitter cold. you'll have to bundle up and the challenge will definitely be to stay warm, temperatures from 36 to 42 degrees by friday. >> i know you'll be in your boots. >> always. taking the edge off tonight, you normally expect to see santa in a sleigh dashing through the snow. >> tonight he was underwater. santa donned scuba gear and dove in at the olney swim center. kids joined in the fun for pictures to raise funds for cash and donations for the food center in montgomery county. today's session ended with 18 boxes of food plus cash donations. >> all right that. does it for us. fox 5 news always on >> take care. feldy is coming your way next
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welcome to the washington air nissan dealers sports xtra. >> good morning. i'm david feldman. when it comes to the rivalry between the redskins and the giants, it's not much of one. new york has now won five straight against washington and today it wasn't close. the playoff push appears to be a playoff prayer. time for our game highlights presented by h.h. greg. we'll start with albert haynesworth, inactive for today's game, more issues between al and mike shanahan. we'll have more on that later.
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his teammates could have really used him. 1st quarter giants rushing attack in full affect. brandon jacobs gets to the outside, 39 yards to the redskins' 18. five plays later jacobs finishes what he started. the 8-yard touchdown gives the giants a 7-0 lead, the first opening drive touchdown for the g men this year, seven-play 59- yard drive. skins counter three and off and on the next giants' drive the other part of the two-headed monster, ahmed bradshaw. giants up 14-0. same score in the 2nd quarter and despite the giants success with the run on 1st and goal eli is throwing into triple coverage and london fetcher picks him off. so maybe a momentum shifter, right? maybe not. on their next drive mcnabb to anthony armstrong, but armstrong coughs up the ball and it's recovered by keith bullock and fletcher's int goes
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for not. the giants would cash in on the redskins turnover. under two to play in the half. bradshaw second touchdown of the day and the giants would take a 21-0 lead into the half. all day to throw a run for mcnabb on this play and no, run it! but he doesn't slide. and it coughs up the ball. dave tollson forces the fumble, and another redskins turnover. once again the giants running back make them pay. big brandon jacobs, 28-yard touchdown run, tons of missed tackles. giants up 28-0. next redskins drive the offense finally wakes up, mcnabb, armstrong, oh, man, he was wide open, 33 yards for the score, his second of the season. skins make a game of it 28-7. punting from the skins end zone and the giants get a piece of it and guess who came up with
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the block? no. 81, devin thomas, former skin devin thomas, one of his three big special teams plays. under five to go, skins trying to close the gap down 31-7, mcnabb assists cooley who is strip bid deon grant recovered by paul, one of the redskins six turnovers on the day, a season high and you'll lose when that happens and they do, 31-7. they dropped to 5-7 and those are your game highlights presented by h.h. greg. >> when you have six turnovers in a game, there's no chance to win, a lot of mistakes in the 1st half that keep drives from happening. you know, what you do that, you get embarrassed like we did. >> as an offense in a game situation like this where we needed it and the mindset was it was a must win situation and for us to come out this way is frustrating. >> we've got good players, good coaches, good guys that work hard on this team and for us to keep going out week in and getting our [ bleep ] whipped
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like that support a good thing. >> this is the -- is not a good thing. >> this is the most down i've seen this locker room this year, tough game. we really did have high expectations coming into this game. >> when we return, how the giants ran away with the running game. 


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